El Hierro

Why Go?

El Hierro is an island where the impenetrable cliff -lined shores and location in the middle of the Atlantic make it both literally and fi guratively remote. It was once even considered the end of the world until Columbus famously sailed the ocean blue in 1492. Although the 21st century has connected this small island to the rest of the planet, El Hierro will always feel remote. Of course, that’s exactly what is so addictive about this place. It’s impossible not to be entranced by the island’s slow pace and simple style; by its craggy coast, where waves hurl themselves against lava-sculpted rock faces; by the pretty farmland and fl ower meadows of the interior; by the eerily beautiful juniper groves; and by the desolate volcanic badlands that stretch out like moonscapes in the south. The least-known of the Canary Islands, El Hierro is unique – so much so that it was declared a Unesco biosphere reserve – and utterly captivating. Don’t miss this journey to the end of the world.

When to Go ?

El Hierro is a year-round destination, but the meadows of the highlands are ablaze with poppies and other wild fl owers in spring (March) and hiking is a delight. For life at lower altitudes June to early July and September are perfect for lazing around the numerous natural swimming pools or diving into La Restinga’s undersea paradise. And for cultural interest, if you’re on El Hierro in late April, be sure not to miss the Fiesta de los Pastores, a colourful religious procession in honour of the Virgen de los Reyes.

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Maximum daily temperature (°C) 20.6 20.6 20.6 21.3 22.2 23.6 24.7 25.8 26.1 25.2 23.4 21.8 23.2
Minimum daily temperature (°C) 15.7 15.6 15.7 16.1 16.9 18.3 19.4 20.3 20.7 19.8 18.5 17 17.9
Total precipitation (mm) * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Source:National Institute of Meteorology. Normal weather values between 1973-2000.


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25 March 2019

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