Municipalities Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria, sometimes known as Grand Canary, is the third largest island of the Canary Islands, with a diameter of 50 km. The Canarian archipelago is located 210 km from the northwest coast of Africa, 3000km from Paris, and 1050 km from Spain.  The Canary Islands are divided into 2 Provinces; the Eastern Province, named Las Palmas and the Western one is called Santa Cruz de Tenerife.  The Las Palmas province consists of three islands: Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote, as well as 6 islets. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is: Tenerife, La Palma, Gomera and Hierro. Gran Canaria is situated southeast of the island of Tenerife and to the west of Fuerteventura. Gran Canaria has a population close to 790,000, with almost half residing in the capital of Las Palmas.  The currency used in Gran Canaria is the Euro because it is a part of Spain.  In Gran Canaria there are 21 divisions or municipalities :