Municipalities of Tenerife

The island, itself part of a Spanish province named Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is divided administratively into 31 municipalities.
300x zona map TenerifeOnly three municipalities are landlocked: Tegueste, El Tanque and Vilaflor. Vilaflor is the municipality with the highest altitude in the Canaries (its capital is 1,400 meters high).
The largest municipality with an area of 207.31 km2 is La Orotava, which covers much of the Teide National Park. The smallest town on the island and of the archipelago is Puerto de la Cruz, with an area smaller than 9 km2.

The vast majority of these municipalities converge in the central summit of the island and from there spread to the coast, oriented towards each other north and south.

It is also common to find internal division, in that some cities make up a metropolitan area within a municipality, notably the cities of Santa Cruz and La Laguna.(see Tenerife Metropolitan Area), Northern Zone (those municipalities that open ocean to the north) and Southern Zone (those that do to the south). This together with municipal division can be seen in the map on the right.

Map of Tenerife